Yes, we will continue to protect our beautiful beaches. We will continue to build this Sunshine State. Yes, we will continue to improve our education system and create jobs!


   It's time to take care of the issues that have not been fulfilled by our politicians for decades. To protect small businesses and the middle class, which creates most of the jobs and supports our economy. It seems that our politicians have turned their backs on the middle class. There is no protection for the working class Americans or our small businesses. The American dream seems like a pipeline dream or a fairy tale. The middle class has no security protection, resulting in more and more small businesses to close there doors.
  We Floridian have no rights left. A person could lose everything over a car accident or an arrest even he is an innocent.
  I will encourage Tallahassee to come up with a bill to roll back some of the regulations, which will encourage opening more businesses and businesses to relocate to Florida. If there are more businesses, it will create more jobs!


   I will introduce a different approach in the education system where a school and its classes will be based on an A. B. or C. merit system. In this system, a school will compete with other schools and the final exams will be done by a set rotating teachers around the County School Board. A homeowner may have the option for a private school of their choice for their child(s).
  I will also support involuntary drug testing in public schools, with the parent's consent. So we will be able to keep our schools drug free and the crime down.
  I believe that our children’s life in a school must be a private matter between the student, the teacher and the parents. The student's data should stay in the school, be private, and shouldn't be sent to other coorperations for future profiling. Common Core is not the solution to a better education. It is designed to control the future of our children.

We must keep our schools and children drug free.
  The drug problem in our state is creating a permanent underclass generation and elevating the crime rate. To help with the drug abuse in this state I propose that we start in the school systems and educate our children on drug abuse. Also, I would like to advocate a literacy after school program. This will not only keep our children off the street, it would also give them an extra activity to occupy their time. This will also give them more knowledge, and a better understanding of life and education. Therefore, this will lesson the crime rate and the drug problems we are currently having. I would advocate an involuntary drug test program as well so that If the Principle or a teacher has a reason to believe that a child is under the influence of drugs, they can get tested. In doing so, we can protect our children and keep them safe. I believe if we take action now, we can keep our children from overdosing, like so many have.


   Protecting the middle class should be our highest priority. I will encourage the House and Senate to join me to create an "American Dream Protection Act." Which will protect the middle class, and redefine the word "low income".
   In this bill, if an individual's yearly earning is $35,000.00 or less, or if families of four or more total earnings are $55,000.00 or less, if their employer doesn’t offer health care benefits, and they are employed fulltime, then they would have an option to enroll in a non-profit insurance group or being eligible for state provided health care, such as Florida Kid Care. Also, if a worker has lost his or her job for any reason and this person is a homeowner, they should be able to qualify for mortgage insurance to protect their home. This benefit should last up to six months, while the person that is unemployed is searching for work. This would protect home ownership in our state. After all, it is the middle class who carries the biggest burden of paying taxes.

   I will also propose the House and Senate to change the definition of low income. Which means that the person has a job and is working, but is not able to produce enough money. In my opinion working means that the person has a job or owns a small business, but their monthly net income is lower than the minimum cost of living. Low income benefits are not life time benefits, a person should pay into it to get it, just like unemployment!

  Florida should be a role model to the rest of the country, showing that how we do protect our working class. Since Florida is a right to work state.

  I have seen lot of changes in our country over the last 20 plus years, American Middle Class is being diminished. We aren’t electing our officials that only work for spacial interests. Our politicians are disconnected with us and the problems we are face. I am a middle class citizen who is running for other middle class Floridians. I strongly believe by strengthen the Middle Class, we can bring back the jobs we have lost over the time. I be the one who will stand for core American values not the spacial interests that just sever the very large corporation.
   So I am asking for your support. I’m encouraging you to join me in my campaign and protect the American Dream (Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness)!
   God bless you and God bless The United States of America!